Why Buy a Walkie Talkie?

Many tasks cannot be performed alone. They require the collaboration of multiple individuals for a successful outcome. A good example would be the police force. One man will have a lot of difficulties chasing a suspect but several of them can block all the exits and ensure the arrest. Security personnel will also benefit from large numbers. They can cover more ground at all times so trespassers will have a harder time getting in. As long as they can communicate well, they can work as one to reach their goals. A walkie talkie is often issued in these cases because of the following features: 

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1. Reliable Performance

There are several other communication tools which may be used but none of these have the reliability that walkie talkies possess. For instance, smartphones may have a long list of features but they are dependent on networks that may or may not deliver during crunch time. Everyone who owns a phone knows how frustrating it can be to try calling someone only to be frustrated by the network. Perhaps there is no signal in your area or the other person is out of reach. Maybe the network is so congested because of a large crowd. These problems will never happen with 2-way radios.

2. Excellent Audio Quality

In the past, walkie talkies were considered as inferior tools for communication because of the bad audio quality. Old models used analog signals which were full of noise that it was often difficult to hold n intelligible conversation. That is no longer true for the models available today. Modern two-way radios have shifted to digital signals so the signals are cleaner, sharper, and easier to hear. The excellent audio quality is even better than what you get with cellular phones.

3. Ease of Use

The multitude of features on cellphones may be good for regular users but they can just get in the way for workers who simply need voice communication. Walkie talkies only require a single button press to commence a conversation. There is no need to dial numbers or to even look at the screen. There are no complicated menus to go through just to find what you need. It's easy to master not just for the individual but for the entire group in no time at all. Time-sensitive messages can be relayed quickly.

4. Emergency Features

Newer models may contain features that are handy for emergencies. These are great for situations where talking might not be an option. It immediately alerts others that something is wrong and that the person needs help. This can be invaluable for people who are stationed alone in their post. When things go wrong, they can use this as a form of SOS.

5. Impressive Durability

Drop an average phone on the ground and you will be lucky if it does not get damaged. Many will suffer from cracked screens or worse. In contrast, walkie talkies are likely to come away unscathed. They are made to survive challenging situations.